jam packed

Assalamualaikum wbt,
 Hai hello and good evening. Ya Allah, I can't believe I'm updating again. This is so not me lol. I used to not update anything for a month or more cuz I'm too lazy. Well anyway, my schedule is jam packed with tests and quizzes T^T huhu~ So sadddd!!!!!! The saddest fact is I can't, I wont be able to go home untill January 2017! This is so depressing tsk tsk . I do have a test tomorrow and the day after... and the next day....My brain can't handle thisssSSSsssss I need extra brain hahahahha 

 Oh and not to be forgotten all the meetings gahhhddd! Postmortem meeting was supposed to be yesterday, but then it got postponed to tonight, however because of everyone's busy schedule, our meeting got dragged untill this Friday. I was just thinking about resting after class on Friday...... rip my plan~ I'm going nuts. srsly. haiyaaa~~~ oklah I need to get back to studying. Wish me luck for my tests and quizzes :* ~

Soo sorryyyyy

Assalamualaikum wbt

 Hey peeps. Good morning.I'm currently doing something bad..cry~~~ . Actually today our college, Beta, hold an event to strengthen the bond between freshman (part one like me) and senior. But I did'nt go. Yeah I'm in my room. Hiding with only one light on and silently breathing cuz I don't want them to find out that there's actually someone in this room. So sorry organizers Im really sorryyy~ I feel really bad right now hnghhh however I really dont wanna go and thats a full stop.

 At first, that event is actually an open event meaning that if u wanna join, thank you, and if you dont wanna join then its okay. But since, many of the students go back to their home this week, so the organizers have no choice but to summon us (students who didnt go home). It's not like I hate this kind of event. I just dont like the fact that they hold this event on a freakin Sunday. Sunday people! Sunday! I hate taking my butt off my chair on a Sunday cuz this i…

Dividing My Time

Assalamualaikum wbt, hye and good morning.

 Okay so today I'm going to write about how hard it is to give a part of my time to someone else. So um, basically in my whole life, I always think about myself and how to u know make time for myself. My own self. Like, literally just me. It's already hard to divide the time I have in a day to finish all the chores and works that I have,..and now I need to share my 'me time' with someone else. Some of u might think that I'm getting married -cuz it sounded so- but no. I'm not getting married..not even near to getting married lol hahahhahaa.

 The first two months I entered university, I dont even care about when people hang at the cafe or whatsoever. I just stay in my room. Alone. Yes. -because my roommate always go home-. I really really really really and again really dont like the ideas of going out during weekends. Especially on Sunday! Ya Allah that's a no-no. I prefer to just stay in my room and do my works or w…

suka orang yang sama

 Ok just a quick post before I go to my morning class. Nak tanya, korang masa sekolah rendah ade tak crush? Ha angkat tangan! lol. Well, I have one too hihi~. But, korang mesti dah tukar crush kan? Means, yelah kan takkan nak suka dekat orang yang sama dari sekolah rendah sampai sekarang. emmmm~ Mesti ramai yang bila masuk sekolah menengah terus tukar. Pastu masuk Universiti, tukar lagi. Tak ke gitu ? hahahaha

 Weird cuz I still like the same person. Still having crush on the same person. Padahal bukan dia sorang je yang lalu lalang dalam hidup ni. Ramai lagi. Ntahlah tak faham. Ke ade jugak some of you yang macam tu? Yang still tak tukar2 crush dari dulu sampai sekarang. Lol kalau ade kita geng!

 Pelik topik pagi ni hahahhaahha. Pagi2 cakap pasal crush. Mimpi apa lah~. Ok anyway tu je nak bebel. Betul2 quick post kan? hahahahha~ Inilah post yang paling takde meaning lol. Bye~ leggo to class~


hai budak sem 1


 Tak sampai sebulan pon lagi hidup sebagai budak sem 1 dekat Tapah ni tapi dah rasa lost. Bukan lost sebab tak dapat catch up belajar tapi rasa lost sebab family jauh T-T. Well takdelah jauh mana, 3 jam sampai Selangor dah tapi ntahlah. Rasa berat lain macam. Almaklumlah first time berjauhan. Sebelum ni asrama dekat Telok Panglima Garang je lol thats like 15-20 minutes from home.

 Idk why but everyday here feels gloomy. I'm sad most of the time tapi of course lah an tak bagitau sape2 sebab yeah I'm not an attention seeker. dah tu dok update kat blog apahal! hahhahha . Bilik aku dua orang je. Aku and roommate aku, Nana. Dia dari Perak, so faham2 lah setiap minggu dia balik. Tinggallah aku sengsorang dalam bilik ni~~

 Satu benda wajib lah sejak masuk Uni ni. Every single day, bila masuk petang je, dalam lepas waktu Asar macam tu, mulalah perasaan syahdu tu datang. Teringat rumah, parents, kakak2 and adik semua, teringat masakan rumah, kawan asrama dulu, ha semua…

besok exam

Assalamualaikum wbt.
 Hai again. So, as you can see from the title, tomorrow is going to be the first day for my final exam -interim week- . Um, yeah I know some of you must be thinking, "why are u uploading a post on blog instead of studying?", lol okay maybe not? maybe that's just this silly negative mind of mine. Um I did study okay don't get me wrong. I just need some time to rest my already packed brain. lol packed lah sangat~~ . Besok I exam ELC (english). Pray for me ye semua. I already finished all sets of past years' exam papers that my lecturer gave me so yeah idk what to do right now since I can't find more exercises hehehehhehehehe nampak sangat malas .

 Malam ni tinggal revise balik all of the papers and semua lah kertas yang pernah buat time kelas. Serious taktau nak buat ape. Should I read the dictionary? lol hehehe memang tak ah sebab exam nya je boleh bawak kamus. I tried googling smthng like "elc past year paper", "uitm elc&qu…

kegawatan ekonomi

Assalamualaikum wbt,  Hai hai hai. Ya Allah makin rajin pulak meng-update blog ya. Padahal baru semalam update. Bosan ah bosannnnn! hahahahaha. Ada some of my friends read my blog and then asked me, "Ja, dah tak pakai english ye skang. Alhamdulillah sennag aku nak baca dengan penuh perasaan", hahahah lawak betullah korang ni. English pon menjadi masalah kepada emosi ye~ youngsters nowadays~ ok tak tak. Lawak je. My friends complaining pon might be one of the reasons why I switch to Malay however the first solid reason was because I just want to have a platform where I can curah curah semua bahasa melayu aku yang tah hape hape ni kalau cikgu BM nampak memang mintak kena hempok lol.
 Well that's not what I want to talk about. That's like way melilau kemana tah tu jauh dari topik. Nak update sikit je sebenarnya. Saya dengan ini, mengisyhtiharkan <betul tak ni eja? bahawa saya sedang menghadapi kegawatan ekonomi. Senang citer tengah pokai lah an. Sedih~ Beginilah ye h…