A New Start

Hi again earthlings :)
 Tbh I don't even know why I put "a new start" as the tittle cuz really, it is not. Gosh hahahahah I'm so unsure of myself. I keep on changing the template of my blog, deleting posts (I'm left with one now), editing and editing and editing again. People, don't be like me lol. I'm 18 and I'm still unsure of everything. Oh my life~ hahahaha (is this 'hahaha' thing even necessary?). Well, anyway, I managed to get into university!!! whoop whooop (firetruck!) *patting myself*. I'm in Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics yeay me! CS110-Computer Science. Haven't started studying yet but I will, next week. It's a intersession week for new students and believe me, I can't wait to sit in class. Why? Because I miss studying and of course, making new friends. Especially in Computer Science! I am very interested in this course. I hope I'll do well until the end (I have 5 sems)! Pray for me *blink blink*.

 Hm,,okay what's next. Look I have issues with myself xP. Can't even think of what to write. One of the reason why I don't really like to talk to people's faces. I'm not good in communicating! But don't you worry. I already made a promise with myself! Through out my university life, I'll make sure to interact with everyone, enter many curricular activities and be as active as I can! Be intelligent! Be diligent! Yeah! Y'all should be like me! (no dont hahahahaha). 

 I still can't figure out how to register my courses at UiTM Student Portal website. I don't get a thing xP. Need help!!! hahahahaha. Not that I don't have friends to ask, I do have new friends and same-course friends okay~ It's just....they don't even know what they're doing hahahhaa We all don't know what the heck we're doing. Let's just be patient and wait for some kind of miracle or angel to help us register before this week ends (poor us lol). I think that's all I wanna talk about for now. Oh! Happy Ramadhan to all Muslims out there!!! Bye~



  1. Please leave a comment sweetie :D

  2. Hello darling...glad to hear dat you still alive..hahaha..keep on writing bcoz that is your passion. I will keep on reading your ranting..load of love from me..

  3. hi buddy you're CS student too? yeayyy (hi-5) Hope you keep updating your blog, surely I'll be your loyal reader (insyaallah) since we're on the same boat haha! (and that whoop whoop firetruck hehe I see what you did there *cough* nct127 *cough*)


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