im doomed

Assalamualaikum wbt,
 This is a story of 'seketul' Ija yang tersangatlah down pada hari ni. lol. Ok hi guys, today I feel so unmotivated~ *down nya mashaAllah* Just because of my screwed up role play huhuhuhu. This is how it goes~ We (Nani and I) were supposed to do our role play last week on Wednesday however it got cancelled cu Miss Nadiah was busy at that time. So yeah it got postponed untill today. I was so ready for it last week cuz Nani and I were practicing really hard -the day before, the night before- but then it got cancelled. It felt awful lah sebab we already fighting spirit memang tengah tahap berkibar-kibar. <<ayat ape nih hahahha . But at the same time lega juga sbb class cancel an sape tak suka hehehhehe.

 So as I said earlier it got postponed untill today. We were not so ready today cuz semalam Ahad lol  tapi logik lah kan sbb Ahad selalu para mahasiswa dan siswi tidur. Almaklumlah, you think it's easy ke to get sleep when you already entered university? Then again, Nani and I just talked things over Whatsapp. Discussed about some points that we should use during our role play. Morning came, we were both so nervous. We pretty much come unprepared this morning blame us~ We entered our classroom and baam! "this is your topic, you have 5 minutes to discuss", and then we were like. "ha ape ni, Nani ni ko, ok aku ni, ape point, ha okok..." and so on. Memang tahap nervous dia tu Allah je tau.

 Our role play started. Nani acted as a girl who lost her wallet while grocery shopping and I acted as  the person in charge of that area. police kind of . We were both like,,u know our mind went totally blank and we just can't seemed to think of the right sentences. We blurted out anything that came off our mind and then Miss Nadiah said "you have 11 secs left", and we're like "what?! already?!". Masa sangat mencemburui kami. We ended our scene abruptly and sadly and then Miss Nadiah gave comments about our role play. Ya Allah so disappointing~ I seriously can do better than that however, maybe sebab I nervous tahap gorilla time miss tiba2 cakap "your 5 minutes for role playing starts now!", so banyak point lupa and similarities words dengan opposite words yang sepatutnya kitorang guna pon kelaut~ Tabahlah diri~~~

 Petang ni takde class so ingat nak tido sekejap sebab hehehehe why not kan~. Then, I'll continue with my never ending assignments. Oh and I also need to do the laundries gaaahhhddd. It's okay, I'm used to it! FIGHTING! To be a better me! hahahahhaha haaaahh ive gotten insane~~~ that's all for now. bye peeps~!!




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